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Jak jsi se dostal k tomu stát se svatebním kameramanem?
My father, photographer-edge and innovative for its time, sent me since I was little passion for photography and art.
After following several courses in photography and photo editing, however, I realized that my true passion were so images, but those on the go!
And so it was that I knew what I was going to be great ..... The videos.
Co je nejoblíbenější část tvojí práce? A jakým směrem se ubíráš mimo natáčení?
I, therefore, thrown body and soul in this reality; I attended (and I attend still) many courses related to the world of video and film.

In 2012 I discovered the world of EEVA ("European Event Videographers Association).
Myslíš, že pokud WEVA sjednotí nebo propojí všechny dobré lidi v oboru, může to zlepšit práci kameramanů jako takovou?
I decided to enroll in this association because it gives me the opportunity to share my work with the rest of Europe and see the video of colleagues established, thus allowing me to grow further due to the ongoing confrontation.
Co si myslíš o výsledcích cen WEVA?
Under EEVA I collected 2/2 cotest places in Europe and now boast a prominent place in the ranking of "videographers" to popularity.

In order to offer the best to my clients I have a wide gear that includes crain, steadicam, slider ...
Chtěl bys něco vzkázat svým kolegům?
In my work I shun the banality and are always looking for the perfect shot, unusual and original, so you can see things from a different point of view, my point of view!


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