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22 — 28 января 2019 г.
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9 — 15 апреля 2019 г.
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29 июня 2018 г.
Видеограф Ilia Novikov
Москва, Россия
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no ordinary wedding | Olga & Dmitry

"Turn on glance!- as for the wedding.
"Ilia, hi)) you were the cameraman at my best friend's wedding, now it's my turn." Do I need to explain how nice it was? Olya and I immediately decided that the shooting will do without facial expressions and romance. Only feelings are at the limit, only the intensity of passions! However, all this is in the eyes of Olga, as I always said: "turn on the look."One flutter of eyelashes-and this mood, magic. The video was bold, passionate. But a few smiles and a touch of romance still decided to add-after all, and grandmothers want to show.
organizer: PERFECTO wedding Ekaterinburg Kristina L'vova
photographer: Alexander Dyadkin
video: Ilya Novikov "NewDayCinema".
venue: the Studio "Rybzavod" a restaurant " The Monk"
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